Monday, 30 May 2011


Incleboro remains my favourite campsite, especially if you get one of the secluded pitches. The weather was variable, but most of the rain was at night.

Several of the new items were great successes. The old cast iron BBQ has been recycled as a firepit,  small but delightfully effective.

The XMI small amplifier is brilliant.

For the sleeping bag, we chose a Coleman which was a much better fit and remarkably comfortable.

We visited Norwich, the finest feature of which is the Book Hive, Cromer and Sherringham. Sherringham's best pub is the Windham Arms,  which served the best pint I have tasted in several years, Woodforde's Norfolk Nog.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


We have started a Brompton Fund, but in the meantime, I have spent the day trying to resurrect an old Dahon we had in the attic. After spending around £45 (2 inner tubes £9; 2 tyres a bargain £20; a chain tool £8; oil and paraffin £3; and cleaning substances £4), viewing lots of YouTube guidance; and perhaps 5 hours' work in the garden, it sort of nearly works. It certainly looks much better than when it emerged from the attic.

Regrettably, it seems to be designed for people shorter than me and I will not be able to pedal it for any distance in comfort.

And here's another thing, our neighbour, across whose entrance the Puck must be pushed took delivery yesterday of the materials for what I assume will be a patio. The have been working hard today (much harder than me) and there is hope that our exit will be clear for Norfolk on Wednesday.