Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brighton, March 2012

A new camping year and we managed to catch the sunny days of the month.

The usual arrangements, taking marinating chicken to bbq and then a curry on the second night.

An excellent potter on the Bromptons, taking in creditable beers at the Wetherspoons and, on the second day, a bracing game of golf (pitch and putt).

A caravan storage service was advertising at the site so the Puck now lives near Lewes and we don't have to heave it onto our front 'garden'.

The photographs are GT à cafe and camping by moonlight. I'm not sure why the first is shaky, but the latter is a 4-second exposure with fill in flash for the foreground. I usually keep a tripod in the boot but, unfortunately, not this time. A beautiful moon, the main reason for the snap,  becomes a smudge.

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