Saturday, 23 April 2011

15th April 2011

Back today from three days in Brighton . The weather was ocassionally grey but it only rained a bit.
For some reason (plain blind luck last time, I expect), it took even longer to put up the awning, but the next outing should be a breeze (subject to the efficacy of pound-shop masking tape) as I have labelled the components comprehensively.

The new Cadac Safari Chef gas barbeque was a marked success, providing a late night stir fry after a visit to the Little Theatre for Time and the Conways on the first night. Then griddle chicken (pictured) after a day of wandering and preliminary house-hunting. Finally a grand breakfast before setting off this morning. It is light and compact, works beautifully in all its modes, and cleans easily.

The shopping list for the next trip includes: bikes, toaster, chairs (suitable for eating with the table outside), a small toolkit, a first aid kit, a larger sleeping bag, BBQ tongs, a set of bulbs for the car and the van, mirror, install a new socket for the all-night radio (on my pillow speaker), speakers for the ipods, perhaps a small TV.
We have pencilled in Norfolk for May and France for June and September.

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