Saturday, 23 April 2011

now up to date

I have finished posting the previous entries.

We have today booked Norfolk for May and France for July.

Regarding the previous wish list:

bikes, toaster, chairs (suitable for eating with the table outside), a small toolkit, a first aid kit, a larger sleeping bag, BBQ tongs, a set of bulbs for the car and the van, mirror, install a new socket for the all-night radio (on my pillow speaker), speakers for the ipods, perhaps a small TV.

  •  The bikes are probably out for now - 2 Bromptons (even on eBay) amount to a large wad;
  • toaster - which are not much use, for once, so probably a cheap and compact supermarket own-brand;
  • toolkit - here's a start;
  • first aid kit - done;
  • sleeping bag - it is remarkable how much larger the Puck's bed is than the VW camper's -  still looking;
  • tongs, probably these;
  • bulbs - definitely needed for France;
  • socket - no progress yet;
  • speakers - these look good;
  • TV - probably not, while we're waiting for the UK to resolve its digital future. Either take the laptop or consider a DVD player.

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