Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 1 (3rd July)

Original full tank @£1.287 from Asda
103 miles to the Rookesbury campsite, an extra 35 to pick up the 2nd bike in Lymington. We passed a broken-down Eriba (possibly a Puck) on the way and felt a bit guilty for not stopping. A break at Lyndhurst on the way for additional bread and cheese supplies. The new Garmin satnav is hopeless and we'll be seeking a refund from Amazon when we get back, meantime, we're back to the old, fat but reliable TomTom Go500. The 2nd Brompton looks to be in good condition for a 15yo bike. Two excellent pints of 49er in The Borough Arms while waiting for the vendor to arrive.
Pre-marinated BBQ chicken and salad: on a preliminary washing-up foray, met a lady with a wonderfully small and secure bottle of washing-up liquid: she's had it so long that she cannot recall where she got it, but it's so useful that she keeps refilling it: we're still using a 10yo bottle of vasile rescued from the camper and which had leaked copiously in the van since our last outing
I’m travelling with a new small camera, a Pentax Optio LS1100: remarkably cheap and effective and the only downside is a flimsy battery compartment cover. Forgot to get a toaster, but the van is filling up and we must beware of filling it with kelterment.

We found the French Connectors inherited from Gerald, one wired each way to be used in conjunction with a £6.99 B&Q circuit tester (bought after rejecting a superficially identical £19.98) model from the normally pound-efficient nearby electrical trade supplier.

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